Garage Door Maintenance
Garage Door Maintenance Tips (Updated)
September 26, 2017
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As your garage doors age, there are many different problems that can arise that may have you asking, is it time for a garage door replacement? Or is this a problem that can be repaired? Here’s a breakdown of the most common issues that require garage door services, and the best fix for them.

Problems that Require Garage Door Repair

These are some common garage door issues that are repairable by a professional:

The Door Stops Opening/Closing.

Your first fear might be that your garage door has died completely and you need a total garage door replacement. However, there are several possibilities for why your door stopped opening. Sudden breakdowns can actually be quite easy for a professional to fix. Before you call, check the garage door remote batteries—easy DIY fix! However, if it’s not the batteries, call a professional for any other issue. Most of the time the problem can be solved without needing to install new doors.

The Door Feels “Heavy.”

Your doors may just need a new spring in their step! The garage lift mechanism contains springs to help raise the door. Since garage doors are heavy, the motor would have to work extremely hard to raise the doors without the assistance of springs, causing a lot of wear on the motor. Springs also allow you to lift the door by hand if your home lost power and the motor went down. So, if your door seems heavy to lift by hand, or your motor seems to be running slow, there could be a problem with the springs. Fortunately, worn springs are a simple garage door service fix—don’t wait until the springs snap completely to call someone. Also, be sure to have all springs replaced at the same time, to maintain balance.

The Door is Imbalanced.

Imbalanced Garage DoorTest this by stopping your garage door midway through opening. Does one side look lower? If so, you may have an imbalanced garage door. This can cause your lifting mechanism to work extra hard, leading to unnecessary wear and tear. It could be that one spring has begun to wear down, putting uneven stress on the motor. Rebalancing the door is a fairly easy fix, similar to replacing the springs. A professional will replace both springs then re-hang the door to restore balance.

One Panel is Damaged.

Physical damage to your garage door, usually caused by a car collision or weather, will most likely have you considering repair or replacement. The good news is, if only one panel is affected, then total garage door replacement probably won’t be necessary! Most garage door manufacturers supply single panels to simplify fixes like this. Keep in mind, however, that replacing multiple panels could end up costing just as much as installing a new garage door.

Problems that Require Garage Door Replacement

More serious problems can arise that make replacement garage doors a better choice in the long run. Installing new doors, in these cases, can often save you stress and costs as you avoid potential problems down the road.

garage door repair neededThe Door is Seriously Damaged.

Sometimes, repairing portions of a damaged garage door can cost as much (or more!) as replacing the entire door. In certain situations, replacement parts don’t make sense as a long-term solution when it costs just as much as garage door installation.

The Door Has Had Long-term Glitches.

Issues that arise suddenly can often be repaired, but an ongoing issue that has been present for months or years usually ends up needing complete replacement. This is because if the door has been functioning at partial capacity, it can put extreme wear and tear on the motor and other parts, causing them to break sooner than they should. Even a small issue in the lifting mechanism that occurs consistently can cause irreparable damage over time.

The Door Lacks Security Features.

Another advantage of newer doors is their enhanced security features; older doors are notoriously prone to break-ins through techniques such as universal remotes, which newer doors can protect against. If you’ve had a break-in through your garage door, it’s wise to replace the entire door because the same or different burglars could access your home again in the same way. Changing your security code is inadequate, since you can’t be sure how the thief accessed your old code initially. If the thief managed to disengage your motor, then there’s likely a flaw in the door’s design. The safest route is to install a new garage door, with up-to-date security features.

The Door is an Energy-Drainer.

Energy efficiency is another important way in which new garage doors are better than old ones. Every time your garage doors open, it lets a lot of air into your home, which impacts your energy bill. New doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, and include top-of-the-line insulation to keep your garage, and your home, as insulated as possible. You’ll be surprised how quickly the investment in garage door replacement will pay off in savings on your energy bill!

The Door is Out of Fashion.Out of Fashion Garage Door

There’s just no quick fix to completely change the style of your door, if you’re looking to enhance its curb appeal. 

While a coat of paint can help, garage door design has changed a lot over the years and there are definitely current fashion trends that only a new door can accomplish. Garage door replacement is a great way to boost the value and overall impression of your home, especially if your garage is highly visible from the front of your house.

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