In addition to providing the best garage door repair and replacement service in the Houston, Texas area; we at Regency Garage Doors provide excellent gate and gate opener service. No matter if you’re in need of installing a new gate, repairing or replacing your current gate we can help.

Gate Installation

Are you in need of an automatic gate, commercial gate, custom gate, driveway gate,or front gate? No matter what kind of gate you want, we have you covered. With both swinging and sliding gate styles our professional workers will be able to help you determine what type of gate will suit your unique situation best. Our goal is to satisfy all of our customers by getting to know their individual wants and needs while getting their property secure.

Gate Repair

Is your gate struggling to open and close properly? As your gate gets older there are a variety of reasons why your gate may not be functioning properly. No matter the issue our experts will get your gate back in proper order in no time. Below are some common gate issues that may lead to needing to get your gate repaired.

Cold Temperatures

Cooler temperatures may lead to gate opener components freezing or batteries getting run down causing your gate opener to no longer function. Our experts are able to fix this issue as well as provide recommendations on how you can prevent further cold temperature issues moving forward.

Gate Will Not Open/Close

What is the point of having a gate if you can’t open or close it? Our gate experts will inspect your gate for any physical or mechanical damage that may be causing your gate to no longer open or close.

Remote Won’t Open Gate

Sometimes due to programming or sensor errors your gate remote may no longer function properly. Nobody wants to get out of their car to open the gate. We can repair and reprogram your gate opener to allow you to open your gate from the comfort of your car.

Gate Only Opens Part of The Way

Does your gate open all the way it should? As gates and gate openers get older you may come across this issue. We will come check what is causing the issue and get your gate opening correctly.

Gate Replacement

Are you looking to update or upgrade your current gate or gate opener? At times it makes more sense to replace a gate rather than keep putting money into repairing it. We can help assist you in determining if a gate replacement is your best option. With many different styles and types of gates to choose from, we will get you the gate you’re looking for to replace your current gate.

Gate and Gate Opener FAQs

How often should I have gate opener serviced?
You should have your gate opener serviced at least once a year.
How long does it take to replace a gate opener?
It takes anywhere from 3-6 hours to replace your gate opener depending on what the issue is.
When should I replace my gate/gate opener rather than repair it?
You should replace your gate opener when the cost of the repair exceeds the price for a new opener.
If I get an automatic gate opener installed on my gate will I still be able to open it manually?
You can open it manually if you have the key to change the position on the gate arm to manual.
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