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Garage Door Service & Repair

Are you experiencing problems with your garage door? Whether you’re in need of a replacement panel or have a broken spring issue, the experienced technicians at Regency can help! We offer rapid response and same-day service for all makes and models.

New Door Installation & Replacement

Time to upgrade your garage door? Or are you building a new home and selecting your first door? At Regency, we’re here to make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our expert staff will help select the perfect solution for you, based on your taste, budget, and home specifications. We offer top-of-the-line products from top manufacturers, so you know you’re getting high-quality and durability. In addition to garage door installation, our technicians are also specialists in garage door openers, rolling steel, custom orders, and more. We only work with manufacturers that we trust because we want to be a company that you can trust. To find out how we can help your home or business with your garage door questions, call Regency today!

How to Tell if Garage Door Springs Are Broken

When a garage door spring breaks, it can trigger a variety of serious problems. Several different symptoms might indicate that it needs replacement:

  • Coil gap: If you look above your garage’s entrance and see a gap in one of the springs, it has broken. You may notice unwound coils. Remember to inspect this part before it breaks so you know how it should look.
  • Opens slightly: A possible sign of this problem is a unit that moves less than seven inches up the tracks before stopping. It does this to minimize equipment damage and safety hazards.
  • Loose cables: When cables slacken or get displaced, you might need a new spring. Some homeowners mistakenly believe that the cables have failed in this situation.
  • Hard to open: You may have this problem when you experience difficulty opening a door and it feels heavier than usual. If you own an automatic opener, it might work slowly or damage the top panel.
  • Getting stuck: A broken spring can cause a garage door to become stuck. However, this issue has several other possible causes, such as track damage, dirty sensors and inadequate track lubrication.
  • Odd movement: If an automatic opener moves your door in a “jerky” manner or shuts it unusually quickly, a snapped coil could be to blame. The system needs immediate repair.
  • Appears crooked: Another potential sign of this problem is that one side of the door hangs lower than the other. This happens because a coil on the left or right side has broken.
  • Big “bang”: If you’re at home when the spring snaps, you might hear a loud noise. To find out if it produced the sound, test your door for proper operation.

It’s quite hazardous to work on these springs, so you should strongly consider calling a skilled expert for repair or replacement services. Please contact us if you suspect your garage door spring is broken.