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Five Signs You Need a Garage Door Repair Service

How often do you use your garage door in Sugar Land TX? Have you taken the time to inspect it and check that it’s functioning properly? Garage doors are essential parts of our homes that increases security. Here are some tale-tell signs that your garage door requires repair.

Struggling to Open or Close the Door

You can imagine the frustration you go through when the door becomes difficult to open or close. That is the most obvious indicator that it is about time you repaired your garage door. Several factors could lead to this problem. It could be a malfunction or perhaps a poor connection between the control panel and the door itself.

Noisy Door

There is nothing as annoying as a noisy door. It is common for an old door to be squeaking during its operation. But if the straining becomes too much, then it means that the opener, the backer, or the spring has a problem and most likely needs repair.

Slow Response Time

If you notice that your garage has started to take more time than it used to when opening, you need to check out a thing or two. Try lubricating the tracks, the rollers as well as the hinges. If the response is still the same, then it means that the underlying problem is much bigger than what was assumed. 

The Door Getting off the Track

A standard functioning door operates within the tracks found on the sides of the door. When the door is not in perfect condition, it gets off the rails, indicating that it’s time to replace the door.

The Door Shakes When Opening 

This is a hazardous scenario that could cause great havoc. Shaking doors need replacement as soon as possible.

Garage doors are essential and need care. Give us a call to schedule garage door repair service in Sugar Land TX!